DIY: Pumpkin Refresh

Pumpkins Refreshed Other than Christmas decorations, which seem to multiply on their own, I don’t have too many other holiday decorations. I have wreaths I’ve made and a few gifts and that is it.  I was all set to purchase a whole slew of Halloween/fall decorations, when my mom came to  the rescue.  She is trying to slim down her stash of Halloween decorations and offered up lots of great items.

The 3 PumpkinsOne of the things she gave me was a set of three little pumpkins . I really liked them, but they looked so fake and silly. I would prefer to buy real gourds to have on display if I am looking for some fall color.

After seeing so many beautiful pictures of white pumpkins I decided to refresh these with a coat of white and copper paint.  The white pumpkins match my style so much better.  Now they aren’t trying to be real they are just trying to be pretty, I much prefer that.

I used two different Martha Stewart craft paints on the pumpkins.  I love the Martha Stewart craft paints.  I think they cover really nicely, there are a variety of finishes, and they have held up really well in all of my previous projects.

Pumpkin Close Up

I used the vintage decor paint in wedding cake for the base of the pumpkin and the multi-surface metallic paint in rose copper for the stems. Each color required two coats. I did not use finishing wax on the vintage decor paint this time.  The white paint did start to crackle (something I have never experienced before and I paint lots of thing with the vintage decor paint/chalk paint).  I did’t mind though.  I think it added some texture to the finished project.

I moved them into the dining room and love how they look, but they really could go anywhere in my house.

Pumpkins on display.

This was an easy diy project using supplies I already had. That’s why this isn’t really a tutorial, but a great reminder to upcycle what you already have before running out to get something new.



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