Last Minute: DIY Halloween Accessory

Googly-Eye Bobby Pins Ready!

I wear pink on Valentine’s Day, green on St. Patrick’s day, and red, white, and blue on the Fourth of July, but on Halloween I am never quite sure what to do.  If I have a party to go to I will dress up in a costume, but what about when it falls on a workday and I want to be a little festive without going overboard or during the day before my parties.

I saw this post from A Girl and a Glue Gun for the easiest festive accessory: Googly-Eye Bobby Pins!

Googly-Eye Bobby Pin Supplies

All you need is a glue gun, googly-eyes, bobby pins, and less than 10 minutes.  Heat up your glue gun, glue an eye to the end of a bobby pin,  let cool, and style away.

Almost done. I just needed to clean off the glue stands.
Almost done. I just needed to clean off the glue stands.

All my supplies came from the Dollar Store costing a total of $2. This would be just as cute with standard black and white googly-eyes and regular brown/black bobby pins.

Googly-Eyes Bobby Pins In Use

It is cute, a little creepy, and totally daytime/work appropriate.  I have short hair right, so these will just be tucked on the side holding my bangs back, but how cute/cool would a gibson tuck be with these peeking out?  The post at A Girl and a Glue Gun has great styling photos.  I was working with poor lighting (thanks, rainy day) be sure to look at that post to for an even better idea of how great these are.

Happy Halloween!


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