Hostess Gift Idea: Homemade Biscuits and Honey

Hostess Gift Packaged Up

I ended October with a bang attending one final get together.  This time I decided to thank my hosts by giving them something for breakfast the next day.  When I went to Nashville I picked up some biscuit mix from Loveless Cafe, they had the most delicious biscuits.  They are easy to make all you need is buttermilk, the mix, and a little bit of melted butter.


I also included a jar Bumbleberry Farms Squirrel Crazy Maple Honey Cream. I recieved a jar of the Squirrel Crazy Maple Honey Cream as a gift and it was so delicious I bought additional jars to share. I put it on everything, but I also would sneak a spoonful here and there it was that good.

Packing Them Up

I packaged everything in a brown kraft box lined with parchment paper.  I used a little extra parchment to keep the jar in place from rolling and squishing the biscuits.  I used a decorative label to let my hosts know what was in the box and that the biscuits are best enjoyed right away.  To finish I used yellow raffia to keep everything together.

Biscuit Label

I heard from my host how much she enjoyed eating the biscuits the next morning after the party.  I think this is going to be a hostess gift I give again.



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