Housewarming Gift Idea: Home Repair Book

A friend of mine and her husband bought a new home and last weekend they hosted a little dinner party to have some friends over, myself included, to see it.

Last year when I started having friends and family over to my  new home they were very generous and I was very grateful.  I appreciated everyone’s kind words, advice, and gifts.  I got some wonderful things to fill my house, which was needed because I had never lived alone before and needed just about everything.  I also got a large amount of candles, hand soap, and dish towels that don’t really work with my style.   I don’t want to seem ungrateful because they were still thoughtful gifts and over the past year I used them with joy as I thought of the person who gave them to me.

My sister and I were talking recently about housewarming gifts and the ones that we really remember and appreciate.   For me I received a nice set of serving utensils, which was not only something I needed, but something that gets used often.

Housewarming Gift Book

For my sister when she bought her house she was given a DIY home repair book that she has really appreciated and looked to for help many times over the last 6 years she has been in her home. I received a similar book, that also came in handy when trying to clear out my slow draining sink without getting some Drano.

I decided to give these friends a book, How Your House Works, it is a nice visual guide to how everything in your home works and what to check before calling a professional.  It was easy to understand and not overwhelming, which is perfect for my friends who have previously said they can’t even hang a picture.

The next time someone you know buys a new home consider giving a book like this there are so many great ones for a variety of DIY abilities.

Wrapped in Burlap

I wrapped the book up in burlap and finished with a silver ribbon and white tulle. The pattern on the burlap matched my friend’s fancy china and the two pieces were cut into table runner lengths. I have a ton of these burlap pieces left from my sister’s wedding two years ago.   My friends could save them for use at their house or use them to wrap a future gift.

Housewarming Gift Finishing Touches

My friends appreciated the gift, but we all hoped they wouldn’t need to do any home repairs  on their brand new home anytime soon.

When you last moved where there any housewarming gifts you especially appreciated or continue to use today?



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