Christmas Card Garland

2-IMG_1988Last year I decided to save the Christmas cards I received and use them in my decorating for this year. I decided that making a garland for my tree would be the best idea.


Using a 2 inch circle punch I made two punches from every card. The first being from the photo or design of the card and the second be
ing of the signatures/names.  It didn’t work out perfectly for every card, some of them I had to choose between adults, kids, and pets (kids and pets beat adults usually) or picture or signature (picture usually beat signature).


Using a smaller scalloped punch I made spacer to go between my bigger circles. I punched these out of green paper and the leftover parts of a lovely red and white striped card.


To assemble the garland I glued the circles together with yarn sandwiched between them matching the picture with it’s signature.   About  1/4 of the way done I realized the garland might twist/flip when I hung it on the tree. I didn’t want to have upside pictures or signatures so from that point on I glued all the signatures “upside down” (when compared to the picture).  It was then right side up if flipped.


I plan on making this again with the 2015 cards. It doesn’t take up any space to store (unlike so many of my other Christmas decorations), was easy to make,  and looks really cute on the tree.  Having the photos of family and friends on my tree is really nice, but I like the ones with bits of hand written messages and signatures even more.

The assembly process is really easy, but I will add some pictures when I put together the garland from 2015.





3 thoughts on “Christmas Card Garland

  1. I love this idea! I’m going to make one out of my 2015 cards. I might try sewing the circles, with a straight stitch down the center, and hanging it from a rod like a waterfall garland. Thanks for the advice to take care when adhering the circles in the correct direction. If I make mine a waterfall, I’ll have to make sure the pictures aren’t sideways.


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