January Door Decor


After all the lovely, but colorful and cluttered decorations of Christmas I wanted something still festive, but simple. I settled on making a little garland of seven metallic tissue paper tassels.  Three are silver and the the other four are white with gold polka dots.  I wrapped the tops of the tassels with a little white yarn to make sure they stay secure and as an extra finishing touch.  I made close to 100 of these tassels before my housewarming last January.  They are really quick and easy to make and there are lots of tutorials out there. I used this one from HGTV.


Truthfully, I really just wanted to put up the Febraury door decor, I really love that one, but it seemed a little too early for that. I like my little tassels and will happily enjoy them for a few more weeks.




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