Brunch Salad Recipe


I’ve been hosting quite a few brunches and early lunches lately, which has been fun. At the last 3 I’ve served the same salad, which was very well received. I decided to share it here, but it isn’t really really a recipe. It is so basic, but fits in well with most brunch/menus with really no work. All I have been doing is topping a mix of lettuce (I like a blend of spinach and mixed baby greens) with homemade cherry almond coconut granola, and adding additional dried fruit (specifically golden raisins and cranberries), and finish it with a sweet balsamic dressing (the one I used in my farro salad is perfect).


I like that it involves no additional chopping or cutting and has a great flavor & texture.  I wanted to come up with a simple salad that did not require any cheese because generally something else I am serving has cheese as a main component (something like a strata, quiche, or blintzes).


If you’re wondering about quantities I have not measured this when I’ve thrown it together (a very common theme in my cooking). Next time I make it I will measure and update with a ratio of  lettuce to granola.

I would love to hear about any favorite brunch & lunch salads you love to serve.




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