Upcycled Bookcase


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a bookcase I was upcycling in a “what I am working on” post.  The bookcase was finished not too long ago and so now it is ready to share.

When I moved into my condo a little over a year ago I only had bedroom furniture and nothing else.  I was lucky enough to have very generous family and friends who shared some furniture.

the boring before

This bookcase came from a friend who was moving at the same time.  I took it, but didn’t have a good use/place for it until recently.  I tucked it into my dining room and it sat mostly forgotten. It collected dust and items for charity, but when I moved around things in my living room I decided it was the perfect place to store my cookbooks.

The only problem is the wood finish doesn’t match my other furniture and was a little beat up.

I decided to paint it white using Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint in wedding cake (white).  The white coordinates with my trim and radiator cover.  It also helped the bookcase pop against the dark blue walls of the dining room.  The vintage decor paint (it is just like chalk paint) goes on so smoothly with almost no prep.  I love it.


To help bring in a bit of whimsy and coloring of the kitchen I used the wallpaper from my backsplash to line the back of the bookcase.


It was a very quick upgrade and I love the look. I am so happy with the way it turned out I might even move some furniture around to give it a more prominent place in the room.


Let me know what you think in the comments.  If you have used the vintage decor paint too I would love to hear about  what projects you have done with it.




One thought on “Upcycled Bookcase

  1. The bookcase looks brand new and fresh! The coordinating solid-color bowls are a nice touch.
    I’ve used the MS paint for lots of projects; it’s so easy to work with ~Diane


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